How can work-pieces be machined without a worker nearby the machine?


This can be done by monitoring work in progress through sensors that allow detecting the correct clamping of the work-piece. The Smart Clamping BLOCK-SC 4.0 consists of a real time monitored and sensorized clamping system, that allows detecting wirelessly and precisely the correct or incorrect position of the clamping jaws and the pressure in the […]

How to replace the seals of the base of a pneumatic BLOCK-SC


In order to avoid a significant loss in the clamping force, which would drive to an incorrect clamping of the work piece, a proper maintenance of Block-SC’s o-rings is highly recommended, including the ones in the base. This maintenance can be easily made as shown in the following video:  

What happens if the intake of the block-sc is interrupted?


There are two main reasons why the feed/intake can be interrupted in BLOCK-SCs, due to an unexpected supply disruption or a deliberated disconnection. We recommend to keep the feed/intake permanently connected because in case of an small leak it will be always be easier to locate it and the damage will be less if the […]

How to pre-set an ARNOLD TWIN Oleo-dynamic vice for automatic stroke


Necessary elements: Hydraulic unit/pneumo-hydraulic pump Quick push-in connector Safety items These are the steps to follow: Since the automatic stroke in ARNOLD TWIN Oleo-dynamic vices is 4mm, pre-setting a vice manually is very important.   Once the vice is positioned and clamped on the machine table, a quick push-in connector is placed in the rotary […]

Where can we find the serial number in our ARNOLD vise?


At Fresmak the quality of our products is very important. Thus, we guarantee that all our ARNOLD vices maintain a tolerance of 0.02mm both in height and in distance to the fixed jaw. The serial number provides us with the exact measures of the vice that are registered in our system. This advantage allows us […]

How do you clean an ARNOLD MAT vice?


DAILY CLEANING Use suction system or compressed air Bring back the moveable jaw. Use side windows, if needed. Close the jaws completely. Suck or blow the chips out. CLEANING MAINTENANCE 1. ​Remove the moveable jaw by unscrewing screw (1041). Do not lose the semi-sphere (1043). Clean the area.2. Remove the 4 screws (1051) of the […]


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